Jesus (The Anthem) lyric video

A-MinorMusik Group

Being the agency of record for A-MinorMusik Group allowed us to work on the second lyric video released by Danielle Nicole.

We were able to develop a strategy with Danielle that would complement her lyric video "Jesus (The Anthem)". The song is the first song released off her latest album and therefore a campaign needed to be created to promote the song. We developed the identity along with a series of countdown videos and visuals leading up to the release. This immediately fed into people buying the song with post-release content that included a one-day devotional download to complement the song and add value to the release.

The success of the pilot campaign gave us the rubric for future song releases from the album.

Client: Danielle Lewis/ A-MinorMusik Group
Services: Motion graphics
Year: 2013

Style Frames