IMBC 2016

The Inaxxys Group

IMBC is a conference started by the Inaxxs Group which focuses on building the Christian music industry, the innovation within the industry; and to incite, develop, and promote those interested in becoming part of and experiencing long term success within the industry. The Inaxxs Group held it's very first music conference, IMBC2015. The conference looks to empower and educate artists on the business side of music. 3rd Lounge was responsible for all motion graphics featured during the conference as well as a 25 second teaser and 55 second trailer. Presentation graphics were also developed along with a promo for a compilation disk of artists.

All motion was developed entirely in Adobe After Effects and we were responsible for the visual assets that will be reused for future conferences. As a member of the IMBC board, our Creative Director Ryan Wilson is now the Creative Brand Developer for the group. Below are the style frames for the trailer as well as the other visual content developed for the conference.

Client: The Inaxxys Group
Services: Motion graphics
Year: 2016

Style Frames