Slide Who We Are 3rd Lounge is a creative studio in the pursuit of building creative experiences with purpose on purpose. We act as co-conspirators with our clients to conquer design challenges and develop visuals that don't just look good but also adds value.

We do this through a unique process which can be broken down into three simple steps: conceptualize the idea, create the solution & conquer the problem. With clientele ranging from a myriad of industries from technology to music, we seek to create fascinating work that boosts the aesthetic value of your brand. Our services consists of Creative Direction to Brand creation. Included in our arsenal of services are graphic, motion and web design.

We embrace creative collaboration with creative enthusiasts from all walks of life with a desire to push creativity to the next level. Our team draws from experiences within many creative disciplines.
Conceptualize First we conceptualize the idea. This is the discovery phase where we find out what the pain points are and develop a strategy to execute. Create This is where the magic happens. Everything we explored, everything we strategized are meticulously used to create the solution. Conquer Implementation. Implementation. Implementation. This is the part where the design solutions that we created are implemented and actually used in whatever capacity needed. You're happy. We're happy.
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