About 3rd Lounge Inc.

We are the co-conspirators of great.

We believe that no two brands are alike; Each one has its own purpose. We believe that there is no one cookie-cutter solution that can solve every creative need.

3rd Lounge is a creative studio in the pursuit of building creative experiences with purpose on purpose. We do this through a unique process which can be broken down into three simple steps:
conceptualize the idea, create the solution & conquer the problem.

Founded in 2007, 3rd Lounge seeks to build creative experiences with purpose on purpose. With clientele ranging from a myriad of industries from technology to music, we seek to create fascinating work that boosts the aesthetic value of your brand. Our services consists of Creative Direction to Branding. Covered in this range are Motion graphics/VFX, Graphic design, Print design and web.

We embrace creative collaboration with creative enthusiasts from all walks of life with a desire to push creativity to the next level.

Our Process

The first step of the process, affectionately known as the brainstorming phase. This is where we come up with concepts to combat the design problem.
Simply put, this is the step where things happen, stuff gets put in, stuff gets taken out; this is where the magic happens. This is where visual weapons are made.
Implementation, implementation, implementation. Good design is ineffective unless it's used. This is where our creative solutions are applied and the design challenge is annihilated. You're happy. We're happy.

Our Team

Ryan Wilson
Founder, Creative Director

The bearded dragon slayer of the creative utopia which is 3rd Lounge. Ryan can be found at  the helm of most of our projects. He has over a decade of design experience which includes graphic design, web design, branding and motion graphics. When he is not designing, he can be found reading, practicing calligraphy, combing his beard  or flying toy helicopters.


Kadeem Davis
Lead Designer

Self-appointed traveling story salesman. As a child, he loved cartoons and comics and wanted to learn to learn how to bring imaginary characters to life. And once he learned how, it was a wrap.
Animation and illustration goes into everywhere and everything he could implement it.